Locate, close with, and target a lost operator or High Value Target (HVT) with the use of a highly-trained canine(s) used in conjunction with Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and radio frequency detector providing real-time audio/ visual (Thermal) images and GPS location to the Operator and Command.














Training a K-9 Operator UAS Team(s) to find missing persons or cover designated targets via platform utilizing thermal and audio 2-way communications sending the canine(s) to a precise location and provide surveillance and target acquisition for suspect/terrorist apprehension.


Platform would enable Tactical team a significant force multiplier with highly-trained K-9 Operator UAS Team(s) with 2+ angles (FLIR with GPS), precise detection of missing persons or wanted fugitives/terrorists, providing intelligence and hostile suspect/ terrorist apprehension or direct action via 2-way radio communications from Operator to K-9.


Special Operations Canine Surveillance & Target Acquisition System is a modular, lightweight platform, custom made and tailored to each specific K-9 Operator team. Weatherproof, capable for any situation or environment to provide multiple angles of thermal audio/visual intelligence to the Tactical mission unit Commander with an unparalleled speed and distance, thus increasing other teams capabilities and thus saving lives.

Technical Data:

  • Client-specific radio frequencies.
  • GPS on K-9 and UAS systems.
  • Wrist or chest-mounted live, video display.
  • K-9 Helmet is rated Level III-A with GPS. (patent pending)
  • Laser target designator platform.
  • FLIR video platform.
  • Covert Communications Suite.
  • Special K-9 vest is lightweight and can be armored to Level III-A.
  • ITAR control devices.